A county assessment search can help you:

  • Look up property assessments
  • Find property owner information
  • Appeal a property assessment
  • Look up commercial assessments
  • Learn about assessment exemptions
  • Find unclaimed parcels

Search for county assessments from government authorities, such as

  • Assessor Offices

    Assessor Offices are responsible for determining the value of all property in their municipality, and they also keep records on the assessment process. Property appraisals of residential, commercial, and personal property are used to calculate property taxes. At the county level, Assessors create reports on their property assessments, including searchable property maps, detailed assessment reports, forms related to assessments, and information about exemptions. They also provide information on the assessment process, calculating property taxes, and how property owners can appeal assessed values. Assessors maintain records on apartments, commercial buildings, condos, home improvements, property sales, residential buildings, and vacant lots. Their records also list the property owners, prior owners, and any sales or transfers. County assessment data is typically available on the Assessor Office website.

  • Clerk Offices

    Clerk Offices maintain public records for their municipality, usually at the county or local level. As part of this process, Clerks keep records on county assessments. This can include residential, commercial, and personal property assessments, which are used to calculate property taxes. Clerk records include property assessments, property maps, assessment reports, assessment forms, and assessment listings. They may also provide information on the process used to assess properties, the formula for calculating property taxes, and the appeals process for an incorrect assessment. These records cover residential buildings, apartments, townhouses, condos, commercial buildings, and unclaimed parcels, including records on home improvements and property sales. Assessment records also include the current and former property owners and any property sales or transfers. Clerk Offices typically provide county assessment information on their website.